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The Best 4×4 Car Rental Entebbe & Self Drive Car Hire. Cheaply Rent a car in Entebbe on self drive from us. We are the best Car Rental Company in Entebbe, Uganda offering reliable 4×4 car rental Uganda at affordable prices

Reliable Car Rental

You need a reliable and trusted Entebbe car rental company for your road trip adventure in Uganda.

Last Minute Car Hire Entebbe

Want an 11th hour car rental to drive instantly? We got an express car rental package for your last minute car rental!

Cheap Rental Cars

Get Cheap Car rental Entebbe and make savings on your car rental fees as you enjoy your Uganda Self Drive Holiday

24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance to our Self Drive Clients

Cheap 4×4 Car Rental Services at Entebbe Airport

At Top Car Rental Entebbe we specialize in providing cheap 4×4 car rental services at Entebbe International Airport.  Our well maintained, high-quality 4×4 vehicles and outstanding customer support has set us out of the crowd of other car rental companies in Entebbe. We pride our selves in being the best Self Drive Car rental company in Entebbe. Our chauffeured car rental in Entebbe has also steadily gained favor among foreign travelers.

We want you to have a memorable road trip while in Uganda. Rent your 4×4 self drive car hire with us, and we guarantee you a wonderful experience. We want to offer you a comprehensive car rental solution that fits your needs. If you prefer to rent a car with a driver instead, we will assign you an experienced driver guide for your Uganda road trip adventure.

You can explore Uganda with our greatly discounted car hire prices. What is even better is that we allow you to drive one of our rental cars to the neighboring countries! Our border crossing car rental will make it possible to use just one rental car for your travel in all the East African Countries – Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda! 

With other 10 years in car rental business, you can rest assured that we will process your cross border documents and pass without any stress or delays.   We strive to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

Talk to us today to book your self-drive car rental in Entebbe. You are also free to choose car rental with a driver in Entebbe. What is even more is we shall give you more discounts on long- term rentals. Starting at just $25, rent a Self-drive car with us, and we guarantee 100% safety on the road.

How to rent a car in Entebbe for self drive?

Renting a car in Entebbe for self-drive is very easy and stress free! All you need to do is to contact us today for your Entebbe Car Rental reservation.

Talk to us on WhatsApp on +256702525877 or you can email us on  We are also available on our contact page

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Top Car Rental Entebbe
4x4 Toyota Rav4 Rental in Kampala
Play Video about 4x4 Toyota Rav4 Rental in Kampala

Best Car Rental Entebbe Deals

Looking to hire a car in Entebbe? We have the best car hire deals and services in Entebbe at the Entebbe airport. Hire the best car rental in Entebbe today and start your Uganda holiday today.

Whether you want personal car hire or corporate car rental in Entebbe, We have a fitting car for hire in Entebbe. Take a look at some of the top car rental options below or contact us.

Toyota Wish Rental Entebbe

Toyota Wish Rental Entebbe

Rent a Toyota wish in Entebbe starting at $35 per day for self drive or rent a Toyota Wish With a driver at $60 per day. 

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4×4 Toyota Rav4 Rental Entebbe

4x4 Toyota Rav4 Rental Entebbe

Are you looking for an affordable 4×4 Car rental in Entebbe? Rent a Toyota Rav4 in Entebbe at only $40 self-drive or $65 car rent with a driver.

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Land Cruiser Prado TX

4x4 Prado Tx Rental Kampala

Get extra comfort and great performance on your road trip in Uganda with a high performing Landcruiser TX rental. Starting at only $65 embark on a self drive holiday in Uganda.

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Landcruiser v8 Rental Entebbe

Landcruiser v8 Rental Entebbe Airport

Are you looking for a luxury car rental for your self-drive trip in Uganda, East Africa? Rent a powerful Land cruiser v8 or GX for self drive at $90 or car with a driver at $120.

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Safari Van Hire in Entebbe

Safari Van Hire in Entebbe

Are you looking for group transportation in Entebbe? With our safari Van rental in Entebbe, you can rent a safari van from as low as $75 for self drive and $100 van rental with a driver.

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Saloon Car Hire Entebbe

Saloon Car Rental Entebbe

Rent a saloon car for either self drive or car with a driver in Entebbe and enjoy great discounts. Starting at only $30 you can rent a saloon car for your town runs instantly. 

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Safari Landcruiser Hire Entebbe

Safari Landcruiser Rental Entebbe

Rent a Safari Landcruiser in Entebbe and a memorable road trip in Uganda. Our Safari Landcruiser comes with an experienced driver guide at only $185

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Toyota Noah Mini-Van Rental Entebbe

Toyota Noah With a Driver Uganda

Are you looking for an affordable mini-van rental in Entebbe? Top Car Rental Entebbe has cheap Toyota Noah rental in Entebbe. You can get a Noah for self-drive at $65 or car with driver at $85

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Coaster Mini-bus Rental Entebbe

Coaster Bus For Hire in Uganda

The best transport rental for a group of 18-28 passengers is renting a coaster mini-bus. Top Car Rental Entebbe offers coaster rental in Entebbe starting at only $160 per day.

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Double Cabin Rental Entebbe - Top Car Rental Entebbe.

Double Cabin Rental Entebbe

Looking to rent a double cabin in Entebbe?  Experience the ultimate in comfort and versatility with our Double Cabin Rental in Entebbe.

Perfect for both business and leisure travelers, our double cabins offer spacious interiors, advanced safety features, and a powerful performance to tackle any terrain. Whether you need a reliable vehicle for city commutes, business trips, or adventurous safaris, our fleet of well-maintained double cabins ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our competitive rates, professional service, and easy booking process. Choose Double Cabin Rental Entebbe for your next journey and travel with confidence and style.

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What To Expect When You Rent From Us

We want to make your experience in Uganda as smooth as possible. The first step to achieving that is to give you a high performing car rental. But we know that is only part of what will make a great trip. To ensure that we give you the best experience, we will give you the following: – Free trip planning for all our clients. -Assistance with booking permits and reservation of accommodation. -Dedicated customer support and 24/7 Road side assistance. -Ready to support professional mechanics located in over 150 locations across Uganda. -Quick response to car breakdown and swift replacement if the car can not continue with your trip. -A professional driver guide with training in defensive driving and a fully trained guide.

Easy Booking | +256702525877

Why Rent From Top Car Rental Entebbe

What Our Clients Say

Robert Evans
Robert Evans
We received the Best Car Hire service from Top Car Hire Uganda. We rented a Prado TX for Self Drive in Uganda and Rwanda. The rental car provided was in good condition despite being a bit old. We went through our trip with any problems. Julius our trip planner and the company's reservation director kept in touch and was very helpful whenever we needed to inquire about something. Overall, Top Car Hire Uganda provides a very professional car rental service.
Dick Richards
Dick Richards
Top Car Hire Uganda is one of the best car hire rental companies in Kampala Uganda. We rented a safari van for our group travel and the car was great. The price was almost affordable. I recommend Top Car Hire Uganda for best car rental services especially van rental Uganda.
Samuel Coleman
Samuel Coleman
Top Car Hire Uganda lived by its name. We rented a 4x4 car rental in Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park and we were guided by a very friendly guide Moses. The Prado TX rental was in perfect and clean condition. This was a good cheap car rental deal. I recommend
Makayi Jonah
Makayi Jonah
We rented a 4x4 Prado land cruiser TX for self drive to Murchison Falls National Park with my family. Top Car Hire Uganda gave us slightly old but perfectly working rental car. We went and returned without any problems. Everything worked as good as new. I must agree Top Car Hire Uganda is one of the best car hire companies I have used in East Africa. I would recommend them.
Sole Traveler
Sole Traveler
We had a great service from Top Car Hire. The Self Drive car rental provided was very good and fairly affordable. Thanx Julius
Syble Jurik
Syble Jurik
Top Car Hire Uganda is a good car rental company in Kampala Uganda. One of the Best car hire agencies in my opinion.


Best Self-Drive Entebbe.

Looking for the best self drive car rental in Entebbe? Top Car Rental Entebbe is the best car rental agency offering discounted self drive rental deals in Entebbe.

Our reliable and affordable car rental services in Entebbe have made us one of the best and most trusted car rental agency. With a collective experience of over 15 years, our understanding of car rental business will help you have a great experience using our car rental in Entebbe

Wherever your destination, Top Car Rental Entebbe will strive to meet your need and give you a befitting car for the type of journey you are going to.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best car rental company in Entebbe is Top Car Rental Entebbe. We are 5 star rated car rental service provider in Entebbe. We are particularly known for our unmatched customer service and a well maintained rental fleet in Entebbe.

The cost for renting a car in Entebbe depends on the car you are renting and the duration for which you need the car. Generally renting a car in Entebbe starts at $25 upwards.

You are free to rent a car in Entebbe any time of the year. We give you the opportunity to rent a car any month of the year and to any destination of your choice. We are available to offer free trip planning and permit reservations if you need our help.

Entebbe Car Rental Services

One Way Car Rental Entebbe

Are you looking for one way car rental in Entebbe? Top Car Rental Entebbe offers one way self-drive and one way Car with a driver rental. You are free to start your road trip in Entebbe and end it anywhere you want. Popular destinations include Nairobi, Arusha, Kigali, Bujumbura, Windhoek, and Maputo.

Car Rental With a Roof-top Tent Entebbe.

Are you going on a camping safari and wish to rent a car with camping gear? We offer car rental with roof top tents. You can rent a TX Prado with roof top rent or a Landcruiser v8 with double roof-top tents from Entebbe, Uganda. To rent a Car with a roof top tent simply contact us on +256702525877

 Group Car hire Entebbe

Group Car hire Entebbe – Best Group Transportation

Lone Travelers
Small Groups
Entebbe Airport Shuttles
Sole Car Rental Entebbe

Traveling alone? No problem. Our exclusive fleet of solo car rentals in Entebbe offers a range of vehicles perfect for the lone traveler. Choose from sleek saloon cars, versatile compact SUVs, and luxurious rides to suit your every need. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of exploring Entebbe on your own terms with our top-notch car rental options.

Family Car Rental Entebbe

At Top Car Rental Entebbe, your family’s comfort and convenience come first. Planning a weekend family outing or an extended road trip? Our diverse fleet of spacious and reliable vehicles is designed to accommodate families of all sizes. From awesome minivans to sturdy SUVs, we have the perfect ride to make your journey enjoyable and stress-free. Experience classic travel and create unforgettable memories with our Family Car Rental Entebbe.

Entebbe Airport Transfers

Experience reliability and  convenience with our Entebbe Airport Transfers. Our top-line Airport transfer services guarantee a great journey from the moment you touch down. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, our fleet of comfortable, impeccably well maintained vehicles and professional drivers are here to cater to your every travel need. Enjoy a stress-free arrival and departure, and focus on what truly matters. 

Other services Top Car Rental Entebbe Provides

–> Car Hire with a driver: You can rent a car with a driver with Top Car Rental Entebbe. Our driver hire service starts at only $25. 

–> Discounted long term car rental. Enjoy up-to $10 per day when you book a car for more than 30 day under our long term car rental Entebbe.

–> Car Rental Entebbe with rooftop tent: For the campers, hire a car with a rooftop tent from Top Car Rental Entebbe and save on your accommodation costs.

–> Free Gorilla Permit Reservation: If you are planning to track Gorillas in Uganda, you will need to reserve a gorilla tracking permit. We help our clients reserve their permits.

–> Accommodation Booking in Entebbe: If you would like to get help booking accommodation for your stay in Uganda, we will reserve your hotel without charging you any extra fees!

–> Free airport pick up; With our meet and greet car rental at Entebbe airport, you will have one of our drivers pick you up upon arrival without paying any extra penny for the airport pick up!

–> Flexible payment methods: We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept Direct Bank Transfer, Cash on Arrival and all Uganda Mobile Money payments.

–> Transparent billing system: We do not have any hidden costs. All your obligations are expressed openly and upfront to avoid unexpected extra fees!

Enjoy your Travel with Top Car Rental Entebbe!

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